September 23, 2020 Maranatha Baptist Church

Unspeakable Joy - Anonymous

Unspeakable Joy - Anonymous

Unspeakable Joy - Anonymous

A dear Christian lady prayed for her husband’s salvation for 40 plus years. He would have none of it. He seemed unconcerned and enjoyed hanging on to his sin. 

He became very ill. The doctor said he was dying. It was only a matter of time. This news caused many Christians to join her in prayer for his soul.

Even as he understood that death was coming, he continued to reject God’s love. He even joked about going to hell. But those prayers of the saints kept rising to the Throne of God. 

A month before he died, this man asked to speak to his wife’s pastor. That pastor was called upon to reap the harvest of those many prayers. He was privileged to lead the man to the Lord! 

As this sweet Christian lady stood at the side of her husband’s casket, she was not happy. Her beloved husband of so many years was gone from her side. She would miss him greatly. Life had changed forever. 

But, she was bubbling with joy, a joy some did not understand. Joy at the side of the casket? Yes, joy, unspeakable and full of glory. Joy that she would see her husband again. Joy for the decision he made which changed his eternal destination. The decision made in the nick of time! Joy that he is now with her Lord!

There is a monumental difference between happiness and joy. Joy goes deeper and lasts. It does not depend on circumstances. Joy is from the Lord. And, yes, she is still full of the Joy of the Lord!