October 03, 2020 Maranatha Baptist Church

Jess Doit -Anne Phillips

Jess Doit -Anne Phillips

Jess Doit - Anne Phillips

I’d like you to meet a friend of mine, Jess Doit. This guy has driven me to distraction many times by interrupting my meals and waking me up at night. But he has been a constant, faithful companion for as long as I can remember.

Many years ago he introduced himself to my friend, Pat, and changed her life. Pat was not known for self motivation or self discipline, so when first saved and her pastor insisted she read through her Bible in one year, she needed help. Jess was there. Now she tells me her Bible reading is the most joyful part of her day.

Andrew Brunson, in a Turkish prison, knew he was losing his mind. He felt no peace, no joy, then Doit came along. Listen to Brunson’s testimony. 

   I began every day to set aside five minutes, and I would start out by saying, ‘I repent that I have not been joyful, because you have commanded me to be joyful. (Matt. 5:12)

I am sorry. I repent. Please forgive me. Now I am going to perform an act of joy. I don’t feel it. This is a step of obedience.’ Then I would begin to dance, and I would hop around. I would leap and jump in the air and say, ‘Rejoice and be glad. Rejoice and be glad for great is your reward in Heaven.’ I would do that for about five minutes, not feeling anything but declaring I was doing it for Jesus. 

With love and determination to obey Christ regardless of his feelings, Andrew Brunson emerged victorious from his Turkish prison. With Jess Doit’s help, Pat learned to love God’s Word.

How about you? Do you have a task that needs doing? A closet to clean, a letter to write, a Sunday School lesson to study? Are you behind a chapter in your read-through-the-Bible schedule? What about that phone call to a shut-in you should make? Please. Jess Doit!