January 13, 2021 Maranatha Baptist Church

Christmas Memories - Cindy Williams

Christmas Memories - Cindy Williams

Christmas Memories - Cindy Williams

Christmases of years past were magical with cut-out cookies, decorations all over the house and trimming the tree. I shopped for months for just the right gifts, which I would hide in different “secret” places all over the house. Christmas eve was exciting with opening stocking gifts. Christmas morning came early, breakfast was late and Mike would read the Christmas story from Luke 2. Then came the opening of presents and bedlam. Such fun!

Years passed and we had teenagers. The Christmas experience was pared down some, but it was wonderful to be together and share this special season. 

Laura and David became adults and moved away from home and things changed at Christmas. For many years we alternated from Ohio to Tennessee for Christmas. David was not with us for some of those times. We made new traditions, but nothing like years before.

For me, it was more of a chore to decorate. There were no more homemade cookies. The tree was just a pencil tree now and sometimes it never made it out of the attic. Gifts were harder to buy unless you had a specific request. No more surprises and no more stockings.

But God gave us a special Christmas this year. We met Laura at David’s and Patricia’s home in North Carolina. God gave us snow on Christmas Eve. (A rare occasion there.) He gave us 3 little boys that made Christmas sparkle. He gave us a wonderful daughter-in-law who welcomed us all in to her home. And He gave us Christmas with both our kids again.

I made cut-out cookies with 6 year old Landry. We made a big mess, but had a great time. We ate those cookies and they never tasted better. It was like old times for me and new memories for him.

As Grandpa Mike read the Christmas story from Luke 2, I looked down at 2 month old baby Owen in my arms and thought of Mary as she looked down upon the baby Jesus in her arms. Jesus, whose birthday we celebrated, born to die for me. I looked around at my family and thanked God for them.

We wondered how long the tree would stay up with Logan’s 2 ½ year old hands rearranging ornaments and testing lights. The gift exchange was noisy and confusing as Landry passed out gifts until he became more interested in his own gifts and in opening Logan’s. With gift wrap everywhere the boys went from one thing to another. The gifts were simple things like: Play Dough, coloring books, a toy piano, a robe and a remote control car. One car made music and we heard it way too much, but Logan loved dancing to the music. (I hid it once, but they found it!)

On Sunday we ran to the store for a sled. It was a huge hit. Landry, Patricia and Logan went sled riding for the first time ever. Grandpa calculated he helped Landry slide 55 times! It was a fabulous day!

I don’t know what future Christmases will look like, but I will hold Christmas 2020 in my heart for the rest of my life.