February 20, 2021 Maranatha Baptist Church

What A Saviour!

What A Saviour!

What A Saviour! - Cindy Williams (Anne Ortlund)

We are in trouble. What can we do? Who can rescue us from this sinful body of death and despair?


Anne Ortlund shares a great plan with us.


“As Isaiah 63:1 explains it, Jesus Christ our Lord, Dismayed over the death-sins in which we’re totally and willingly enmeshed,


Feeling intensely the loneliness and rejection of being the only One who cares enough to do something about it,


Dons His soldier’s garb and takes sword in hand and comes down to do what He knows, for love’s sake, He must do.


He battles us sinners to the death--His death becoming totally bloody and ruined and eternally stained and scarred--


For What?


To rescue the very ones He’s battling—to rescue us, His enemies, whom He loves so passionately—to rescue the ones who fight Him, bloody Him, hurt Him, defeat Him, wound and kill Him,


To rescue us so that He can rise, scarred and bloodied, to enfold us tenderly to His breast and gently clear our vision so we can see how deeply He loves us, and then to spend eternity pouring out His kindness upon the precious ones He’s rescued, comforting us and sustaining us and doing uncounted good things for us all the days of our eternal lives.




So, there are two sides. His part is to do it all. And our part is to let Him do it—and hopefully thank Him and praise Him and marvel over it all!”


What a Saviour!