March 10, 2021 Maranatha Baptist Church

Someone Named Walter - Anne Phillips

Someone Named Walter - Anne Phillips

Someone Named Walter - Anne Phillips

I had been on the phone all morning trying to find a human being to help me change my car lease from Leo’s name to mine. This had to be done so I could buy a current license sticker and be ‘legal’ again. I had a deadline. I was frantic.

Getting the number for the Toyota Leasing Company was easy. Finding a human being there to answer the phone was another matter. The first automated voice gave me a menu of nine options. The option that seemed most promising gave me nine more options and so it went.

I was just about to give up in tears when a voice said, “Hello. My name is Walter. How may I help you?” 

“Oh, Walter,” I gushed, “If you are real, May God bless you! I’ve been hours trying to find a human being. I’m desperate!”

“Calm down, lady. We’ll get through this together. What do you need?”

Then I proceeded to tell him my tale of woe in far more detail than he needed to hear.

“And it all has to be done by December first.” I sobbed.

“Well now, see there! You were meant to talk to me,” cooed Walter in a voice . . . “because December first is my birthday!”

Somehow this bit of inconsequential information made all the sense in the world to me just then. Of course God put Walter there for me in my hour of need. It was so obvious. “Oh, Walter you are an Angel sent from God.”

Walter laughed, but did not deny it. While I calmed down and he did the necessary paper work, we chatted about the weather and wondered why no one had created ‘pre birthday’ cards for people who like to think ahead. Four months later I was able to get my license sticker.

I would not be surprised if there was never a Walter employed by the Toyota Leasing

Company. In any case I will mentally wish Someone named Walter ‘Happy Birthday’ on December first.